söndag 15 mars 2015

Sunday mornings

Sundays are kind of sucky because I get so much anxiety about the coming week every damn time. At least it's only a bit more than 2 months left until I can stop worrying about that. Spent the night at Ace with some lovely people just having a good time, bought McDonald's with Kim at half past three in the morning to eat on the subway and then sat outside stargazing while smoking (note to self, do NOT pick up that habit) before collapsing in bed. Waking up today was merciful because we're smart girls who take alvedon before sleeping. It was nice to drink loads of tea and watch V for Vendetta but then Kim had to leave and I had to vacuum my room, hooray! It's already late afternoon now so I better sooth my anxiety in some way because this week will unfortunately be really shitty. Counting down the days to graduation... Get me out of there!

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