torsdag 12 mars 2015

Lipton tea review

Guess who's been watching MariCraft all day? Meee! But I've also been drinking loads of tea to sooth my raw throat. So I bought Liptons "pleasure collection" yesterday on a whim and I tried all four teas today and here's a short review of them for you guys.
Black tea Bluberry muffin 
This is your typical sweet black tea. I added a little bit of milk and sugar since it's black tea and it tastes really good. Very blueberry-ish and sweet but I don't get the muffin part. 

Green tea Strawberry Cupcake
No milk in green tea but I put in just a dab of sugar to enhance the taste. Also very sweet but it had to brew for a long time until it really tasted strawberry. Once again I didn't get the cupcake part.

Green tea Lemon macaron 
This green tea needed no sugar at all as it tastes really strong and buttery. It actually smells like macaron but tastes lemon on your tongue. I usually only drink green tea when I work or when mom brews a pot because I think it tastes bitter and I'm more of a sweet person but I can drink this tea again and again. 

Black tea Pear chocolate inspiration
Honestly I don't like when my tea tastes chocolate so I don't drink rooibos tea. This tea tasted more pear than chocolate though so it was really delicious. I added milk and a tiiiny bit of brown sugar (I always use brown sugar in my tea). This one was probably my favourite.

It's only 5 tea bags of each but it's a good way to try new tastes and see which one you like the most so yeah worth buying.

Have a nice day~

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