onsdag 11 mars 2015

Illness and frustration

I've been going in and out of the hospital for a few weeks now and most of the doctors and nurses have been really kind to me. Especially the ones who handled my surgery. But yesterday I was unfortunate enough to cross paths with the most unsympathetic doctor I've ever met. How he chose his occupation is beyond me. So I was going to do an ultrasound and I was really scared because it hurts like hell for me even though I'm doing my best at relaxing. I told him that it was hurting at the moment and asked him to be careful. Oh he wasn't careful at all... It hurt so badly that I cried and then I get "oh suck it up". Really? Really? How about I stick that damn metalrod up your ass and see if you can suck it up? After that horrible examination I got a lecture on how I just need to pop a few pills and walk off to school like nothing's wrong. Okay first of all: I've been "popping pills" since I was 13 because of the pain in my stomach and it doesn't solve the problem. I still bleed like I'm about to die and I still get cramps that actually makes me want to die. I even tried to pop a pill and go to school this morning but my uterus clearly said no. I spent half an hour in the bathroom just throwing up and getting nosebleed because of the pressure building in my head. This is kind of gross but I needed to vent about that idiot who clearly had no idea what he was doing and I hope that I never have to go back to him again. Now I'm going to "pop" another pill and see if I can catch some sleep that I didn't get during the night.
Night night

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