torsdag 5 mars 2015

Partylife is scary

So I went out with my fella Kim last night and we had a blast and I also learnt some valuable stuff to remember when you go out. So here is a mini list for you guys.
1. The preparation at home is usually the best part. (You get to take a drink and doll yourself up with good company and good music which is pretty darn great)
2. Bring tissues with you. (Toilet paper will run out and someone might spill something on you. Happened to me like four times in one night)
3. Dance your ass off (it's fun and it's not like people will judge your dancing, they're too drunk for that)
4. Drink lots of water to ease off the hangover (do I need to say more?)
5. Clean your face before collapsing somewhere (you will feel at least a little bit fresher in the morning)
6. Float along and have fun!
Now I'm finally at home and I can nurse my hangover while studying for my chinese test tomorrow. 

Btw they played this track at the club and it's so catchy! Enjoy

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