lördag 14 mars 2015

Cirkeln review

So yesterday I went to watch the Swedish movie Cirkeln with my mom and her colleague and her daughter. It was a pretty great movie and it totally make me want to be a witch. I've read the whole book trilogy and it's like amazing so of course I got a tiny bit bugged by some changes in the movie but yeah it's impossible to create movies that live up to the books. So aside from those little changes the movie was truly amazing. The casting was spot on for the characters, the soundtrack was perfect and the special effects were super cool. And they even put Swedish sub which I really appriciate because if it's one thing I hate with Swedish movies it's that we mumble. No seriously, have you seen a Swedish crime drama? You can barely hear what they say. So yeah go and watch Cirkeln guys. Fair warning that the first minutes are a bit scary but that might only be me who's a scaredy cat with blood phobia.

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