lördag 7 mars 2015

Day trip in windy weather

Mom needed new riding clothes so her, me and my grandparents packed ourselves into the car and drove to Uppsala. Also I was the one doing the driving for practice. Uppsala is located an hour from Stockholm but the road is easy. However driving while my grandparents are in the same car... I'm not doing that again anytime soon. Oh well we got there safely and mom got her clothes. Also got to say hi to some islandic horses 
I got a kiss haha aaw~
On the way back I didn't have to drive since I was basically exhausted. We stopped at Max for lunch
It's always interesting to eat fast food with my grandparents because grandpa always stubbornly chooses a huge hamburger with lots of toppings even though he only has one hand with four and a half fingers to use. Now we're on our way back to Stockholm and I'm gonna sleep for the rest of the ride. I'm super tired already haha.

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